IPERU, OGUN STATE: Young Boy Builds Automated Teller Machine with Local Materials

Young Innovator Builds Automated Teller Machine at Dapo Abiodun's Home Town

Jun 4, 2024 - 13:39
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IPERU, OGUN STATE: Young Boy Builds Automated Teller Machine with Local Materials

A young innovator at Iperu, the homestead of Ogun state governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun, Ayodele Daniel, has built a money dispensing machine popularly called ATM, making use locally sourced materials.

Open Television Naija gathered that the young innovator is one of the participants of the Build-A-Thon initiative organised by the Federal Ministry of Communications Innovation and Digital Economy (FMCIDE), that was introduced to equip young Nigerians in local secondary schools with technological skills earlier in the year.

The Build-A-Thon initiative focuses on training students from six states of the federation how to explore and exploit advanced global technology for solving everyday problems.

Open Television Naija reports that Ayodele, a student from Christ Apostolic Grammar school in Iperu, Ogun state, applied the knowledge gained during the training to create an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) using local materials.

According to the young innovator, the tools used for his money dispensing machine included a carton, cardboard, RGB LED, rotor, USB cord, ras verified, jopa wire, cellotape (semitransparent adhesive tapes) and screws. 

Deploying his ingenuity and technical know-how,Ayodele has successfully built a functional money dispensing machine.

In a demonstration video sighted by Open Television Naija, the young innovator ,Ayodele was seen explaining the process involved in building the ATM.

To everyone's surprise, when he inserted his ATM card into the deposit slot and connected the ram verified to power the machine and was able to successfully withdraw money from the machine.

He explained that there was need to wait for the card reader to turn green, indicating a signal to proceed in transacting. After this, he entered his pin using the keypad, which prompted the machine to dispense a ₦1000 note. He repeated the process a couple of times.

 Ayodele’s ATM functions perfectly but it does not possess other advanced features of a standard such as a display screen, screen buttons, receipt printer and speaker.

Open Television Naija therefore calls on the Ogun State Governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun to catch the young innovator young by investing in his education, given his show of ingenuity. 

Watch the Video Report Here

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