Removing Tinubu From Office Could Harm, Destroy Nigeria's Unity -Shehu Sani Warns Northern Leaders

Senator Shehu Sani Has Cautioned Northern Leaders to Shelve Their Plans to Unseat Tinubu from Office

Jun 29, 2024 - 11:25
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Removing Tinubu From Office Could Harm, Destroy Nigeria's Unity -Shehu Sani Warns Northern Leaders

Removing Tinubu Could Harm, Destroy Nigeria’s Uni

By: Abdulwasiu Akintunde 

A Former Kaduna lawmaker, Senator Shehu Sani, has warned the northern leaders to shelve their plan to unseat President Bola Tinubu from office in the 2027 presidential elections. 

OPEN TELEVISION Naija reports that the vocal Senator sounded this note of warning during a media interview, saying, a swift attempt to evacuate Tinubu from office could destroy the country’s unity. The former lawmaker urged northern leaders to plug into the policies and programmes of the Tinubu administration that will benefit the northern part of Nigeria, instead of trying to gain more political power.

Senator Sani stated, “There are clear signs of political forces from the North regrouping and attempting to use former President Buhari as a focal point to unseat the government of Tinubu. 

Sani however said, the Northern leader's aim is to revive Buhari's political influence among the masses by portraying Tinubu’s administration as neglecting the North and failing to fulfill its campaign promises, despite receiving significant support from the region. 

"I must caution that such attempts could cause serious problems for our country. During Buhari’s eight years in power, no significant southern leader ever tried to oust him from office.” Sani emphasized. 

Also, Sani speaks on the need for Northern leaders to address the problems faced in their region. Recall that northern Nigeria has been grappling with insecurity and poverty, amongst other problems. 

However, Sani revealed, “It’s a historical fact that people from the North have been in political power for a longer time. And that power was an opportunity for them to develop the region, address the problems of insecurity, education, underdevelopment and the widening gap between the rich and the poor. 

"It's a serious concern because the problems facing the North today stem from a history of bad governance, corruption, and insensitive leadership. Leaders who should have used their power to develop the region have failed to do so. 

He further noted that power has not benefited Northern Nigeria despite its long tenure. Given the North in many development indices, there should have been a concerted effort to bring progress to the region. 

However, in the last eight years before this administration, there was great hope in 2015 that the new leadership would address these fundamental issues, but it did not materialize."

"So, power must serve the masses, while in the North, power should combat poverty, insecurity, and foster development, rather than enriching a privileged few who exploit the nation's economy," he said.

Additionally, Sani emphasized the need for Tinubu's administration to implement restructuring, suggesting it as a systematic approach for addressing Nigeria's underdevelopment issues. 

He proposed that restructuring would enable the North to leverage its resources effectively in tackling longstanding challenges. 

Regarding solutions for the North's issues, Sani advocated for the region to align with the current administration's policies and programs, utilizing them to effectively address their challenges.

"Fortunately, key positions in the security apparatus are held by individuals from the North.

OPEN TELEVISION Naija figured out that the National Security Adviser, the DG DSS, alongside several other influential roles, hail from the North. This presents an opportunity to fully support them in tackling the North's severe security challenges, considering it suffers disproportionately compared to other regions. 

Covering approximately 70% of Nigeria's landmass and hosting a larger population than the South, the North deserves targeted interventions when it's people hold positions of power. It's not just about appointing northerners to positions but addressing the region's pressing issues," Sani concluded.

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