Settle Minimum Wage Dispute with Labour to Prevent Violent Protests -CCC Tells FG

The Centre for Crisis Communication Urges FG to Settle Minimum Wage Dispute with Labour to Prevent Kenya-Like Violent Protests

Jul 9, 2024 - 13:46
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Settle Minimum Wage Dispute with Labour to Prevent Violent Protests -CCC Tells FG

By: Abdulwasiu Akintunde 

The Centre for Crisis Communication (CCC) has urged the Federal Government to prevent Kenya-like violent protests in Nigeria by resolving the ongoing minimum wage dispute with organized labour. 

The CCC advised the Government to address the Kano emirship conflict and the political crisis in Rivers State before they escalate into serious crises on Monday.

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Centre, Maj.-Gen. Christopher Olukolade (Rtd), emphasized at a press briefing in Abuja, emphasizing that if these issues is not resolved, it could lead to violence. 

A former spokesman for the Nigerian Army, Olukolade, called for urgent resolution of minimum wage negotiations by the Federal and State Governments, as well as the organized private sector. 

He warned that potentially violent or volatile developments could spark unnecessary crises with significant consequences for national security if not well-managed. 

"We have identified some key issues that need immediate attention," said, the retired senior military officer.

OPEN TELEVISION Naija reports as ststed that “First on that list is the unresolved minimum wage issue, which has created tension between the labor movement and the Federal Government. We do not support ignoring this matter. Therefore, we unequivocally call on the government and the organized private sector to have the necessary courage to make a decision on this issue and resolve it once and for all, rather than continually postponing its resolution. The time to conclude these long-standing negotiations is now; the sooner it is done, the better. We strongly suggest that a decision on the nation's minimum wage be finalized, as it is a crucial matter."

Speaking on the ongoing violent developments in Kenya, Olukolade said the centre is also concerned about those advocating for similar anti-tax protests in Nigeria. 

He stated that “Those who think that destructive protests in Nigeria are a way to resolve a crisis are advocating for something inconsistent with our vision for a peaceful and progressive nation. We caution against such tendencies and advise that the situation in Kenya, regarding their tax protests, should not be seen as a model for us. Instead, issues in Nigeria can be better managed through consensus, discussions, and necessary consultations.”

"In other words, we strongly oppose using the Kenya-Nigeria civil model as a reference. The outcomes of the protests are still fresh in our minds, and it’s not something we want to re-enact in any form." 

Olukolade also noted that the political feud in Rivers State has the potential to escalate into a crisis and urged the parties involved to act in the general interest of the people. 

The communications expert said, "We are taking this opportunity to call on those involved to sheath their swords and engage in dialogue. We believe that through communication, the issues can be resolved without plunging the state into crisis. We do not want to see a ripple effect from the current altercations."

He added that the emirship tussle in Kano also has significant potential for volatility. 

"We do not want this issue to escalate into trouble. Combining this with the situation in Rivers State could be disastrous. Nigeria’s unity and corporate existence are more important to us than any achievements gained through fake news and unnecessary sentiments," he emphasized.

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