Controversial Singer, Portable Drops New Song SPIDER MAN Amidst Arrest for G-Wagon Debt,

Portable Likens Himself to A Spider Man Amidst G-Wagon Debt and Arrest Saga

May 16, 2024 - 18:23
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Controversial Singer, Portable Drops New Song SPIDER MAN Amidst Arrest for G-Wagon Debt,

By:Israel Adeleke

LAGOS, NIGERIA Controversial Nigerian Singer, Portable the self acclaim 'Ika of Africa' has caught the internet by the storms once again despite the current troubles he faced after being arrested for not paying off a G-Wagon, with the release of a new song called "Spider Man." a song that is now trending and got Nigerians commenting on the street single.

OPEN TELEVISION Naija recalls that Portable got picked up by the police earlier in the week for allegedly refusing to pay the balance of a G-Wagon vehicle he purchased from a car dealer.

According to a car dealer who remained anonymous, the controversial street singer paid ₦13 million but had failed to pay the balance sum of ₦27 million.

News however filtered out that Portable was released by the police. Known for his controversial ways, Portable released a new single track titled "Spider Man" on Wednesday, making many of his fans to believe that the new song is another self-promotion move by the street singer in which he affirmed that he would live long no matter the problems life poses to him. He also made reference to the need for people not to be afraid of being indebted saying that indebtedness is a peculiar hallmark of successful people.

In the track, he talks about tough times and winning, which relates a lot like his own story.

Netizens following the trend around the latest arrest saga of Portable are split about Portable's arrest. Some say he should be free, others think the police did right. The person who sold him the car hasn't said much, just that Portable hasn't paid up.

Portable's team hasn't said anything yet. But his fans are waiting to hear what's next. Meanwhile, his new song "Spider Man" is getting popular online. People like his music and how he keeps going no matter what. Now, we wait to see if this new song will help people forget about his trouble with the law.

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